Battlestar Galactica

Many will probably show the Battlestar Galactica television have eagerly pursued, but it is not about the TV version, but at the same browser game. This is coming from the Bigpoint and can always be accessed through the browser installed on your PC. This course requires an Internet connection, but which have now most households have access to such.

The start of Battlestar Galactica

To plunge into the online game, you have before you register to be an important step to be made, namely to download the free “Unity Web Player”. This is done in a few steps to happiness, so after a few moments to register can be done already. These must be selected including a user name and password, but this should be the best long and made of special characters. If this is done, will be sent to a usually an e-mail with a confirmation link, click on what you need to successfully complete the registration. Then you can log in to Battlestar Galactica and the actual game can begin.

The beginning

If you play Battlestar Galactica for the first time, you can choose between two factions at the very beginning, for which purpose the “colony” and “Scar” are available. If you have decided on one, you will already forwarded to the tutorial, which explains one of the basic control concepts and to the game. After some familiarization time you should have gotten used to control relatively quickly, so you can then make the space unsafe. The highlights in Battlestar Galactica. Is a major plus point is certainly going to the stunning 3D graphics in Battlestar Galactica, including the use of the “Unity Web Player” accomplished. But still there is also the actual entering of the Battlestar Galactica is a highlight, as it is for example graphically certainly been a lot of hard work, the entire program to the way it is now. Incidentally, there are also regular updates on the game so that one will never catch up with the boredom and can.

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